Spotted! Winners brings big deals to the streets

The retailer is hiding larger-than-life items across Quebec for a social media-based scavenger hunt.

Winners is bringing its larger-than-life deal campaign to the streets of Quebec with a new social media-based scavenger hunt.

With work by John St., Smak and the Konrad Group, the campaign, which launched yesterday, has seven-foot tall shoes, jackets and handbags hidden in locations across Quebec. Hints to find the items are posted to the company’s Facebook page, geo-targeted to Quebec, as well as to the event microsite at

Fans who find the items are asked to take a photo of the installation and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the custom hashtag found at the location. The first three to upload a photo at each site will win a designer item valued at up to $1,000, with the next 25 people getting a $25 Winners gift card.

The campaign, which is also being supported by radio and TV spots in Quebec with work by MediaCom, will run until Sept. 24, with a total of 38 installations being hidden in 26 cities across the province by the time the contest has wrapped up.

Stephen Jurisic, creative director at John St., tells MiC the stunt has the potential to move to other markets but started in Quebec because Winners already has a large fashionista following there.