Bud Light Digital Dreams promotes with Snapchat

The upcoming festival is targeting different segments of its audience through their corresponding social media networks, including skewing younger with the photo-based app.

Digital Dreams recently signed a new lead sponsor (Bud Light) and is now announcing the lineup for its upcoming electronic dance festival, happening June 28 to 29, through a series of announcements on social media networks like Snapchat.

With media in the campaign planned and placed in-house at Live Nation Canada and creative executed by Pulp&Fiber, the posts on Snapchat are not bought placements, but do supplement the concert’s paid media buy on other platforms and target the younger portion of the event’s potential attendees, which starts at age 16, Mark Russell, marketing manager, Electronic Nation Canada, tells MiC. Users who are following the Bud Light Digital Dreams account (digidreamsfest) see updates from the festival when they post new photos on the site.

“We had been tossing the idea of using Snapchat around the office but we never had a real reason to use it,” he says. “But right now with us announcing artists we have such powerful content to be able to reach out to this audience with and really relate to them. We had an internal message come through that said something to the effect of 70% of youth in the US are ‘snapping’ once per day. Those kinds of numbers are the ones that we couldn’t ignore anymore so that’s where we wanted to be.”

In addition to targeting the Digital Dreams younger demo with Snapchat, the concert is reaching out to an audience that is slightly older and more likely to be male with Facebook ads and content, Twitter for that same older crowd and Instagram for a younger group that is evenly split between men and women. Overall, Russell says the concert is targeting people aged 19 to 24, but can skew older or younger depending on the medium.

Digital Dreams is also promoting its upcoming event with radio ads, which will be on stations like Z103.5 and Kiss 92.5 in Toronto as well as on the dial in other markets across Ontario again in mid-April when the event’s app comes to market.