Rogers Communications’ Phil Lind to exit as regulatory chief

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Phil Lind is stepping down from his post as EVP of regulatory at Rogers Communications at the end of 2014.

Patricia Trott, a Rogers spokeswoman, confirmed that Lind, who is also vice chairman, will retire from active duty at the cable and TV giant after a 45-year career.

He will remain at Rogers for three years “in an advisory capacity,” and will continue to sit on the company’s board of directors.

Rogers has not named a successor for Lind, as it launches a search.

For much of his career, Lind was a trusted right-hand man to Ted Rogers, the company founder and CEO who died in 2008.

His retirement from day-to-day running of Rogers, which he joined in 1969 as programming chief, coincides with the recent appointment of Guy Laurence as company CEO.

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  • Meedi A. Buyer

    With no disrespect to Mr. Lind, like, why are you still there? Clearly you don’t need the money. Why not go off and enjoy life? I guess too many of these long to pasture execs are so use to sitting behind a desk, they have nothing else to do…and actually, don’t know how to do anything else?