Rogers Media hires Alan Dark


Alan Dark is joining Rogers Media as its VP of national sales, moving from his most recent position as GM of the CBC Revenue Group, a role he held since 2012. He took on the role at the pubcaster when Jack Tomik left the CBC Revenue Group and moved to Rogers Media.

Dark starts at Rogers Media on May 26 and will report to Tomik in the new role. Prior to becoming the GM of the CBC Revenue Group, Dark worked as executive director of sales and marketing at the pubcaster. He has also held senior roles at companies including CTV and CanWest.

In this newly created role at Rogers Media, Dark will be responsible for implementing a go-to-market strategy for the company’s One Call sales structure, driving multi-platform sales across its brands. Dark will also set the strategic direction for the national agency sales teams at the company, according to a release.

The CBC recently laid out a restructuring plan that will see the company cut 657 jobs over the next two years. Those cuts were made in part but not only due to the loss of NHL and Hockey Night in Canada rights to Rogers Media in a 12-year deal that begins next fall, said Hubert Lacroix, president and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada.

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  • Me D.A. Buyer

    Good for Alan, nice guy….great guy? I dunno. Didn’t work for him. Maybe someone can fill me in. Isn’t Rogers trying to make money, rather than spend more on another high level Sales guy? Never mind the cost of the NHL deal. Are they now not a little top heavy with Sales people? Aside from Tomik and Dark, they have Gavin Roth, Mitch Dent, Derek B., Diana F., Joe Hurley (retired?), Brandon Kirk, Dale Hooper and others, no? How many VPs of Sales does one company need? Wow.

  • lexington lexington

    Fire people who worked hard to make Rogers what it is today and hire their buddies. That is what has been going over there…they don’t even post these opportunities. Rogers is wanting to fire all the reps and hire a new breed. Too many chiefs warming chairs not enough solders to bring in the revenue. The ones who are there and damn good at their jobs are waiting to get their pink slips. Ridiculous to have to work in that environment. Common knowledge: the “retired” folks were forcibly retired, needless to say. Too much of anything is never a good thing especially power.