Day in the Life: Peter Mears of Mediabrands

MiC takes in the media co's annual summer party in the kick-off to this exclusive video series.

Ever wonder what differentiates one media company from another? What the people at the top think about the Canadian market? Their take on the industry’s biggest challenge? Well, so have we, and that’s why MiC has launched Day in the Life, a series where we visit each of the top Canadian media companies and speak with the head honchos about their shop and the industry at large.

First on the list is IPG holding company’s Mediabrands which includes UM Canada, M2 Universal, Initiative and J3.

Peter Mears has been president of Mediabrands in Canada since it opened its Toronto office in February 2010, working with clients including Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Microsoft and GM.

Join Mears as he takes MiC to UM’s Toronto office and talks about launching UM 3.0 and working in the Canadian market. And follow us to the media co’s  Puff Daddy-inspired White Party where Mears publicly introduces Sue Alexander Ash in her new position as EVP and managing director at Initiative.

It’s all in a day’s work.

Videography by Jennifer Horn