Mobile beats online advertising: study

The Dynamic Logic study finds mobile campaigns generate more awareness and purchase intent.

Marketing conferences of late have been buzzing with talk of brands in the digital space, with speakers urging agencies to budget online and mobile into their client’s campaigns. The two are far from new, but which channel has been found most worthy of a brand’s marketing dollars?

According to New York-based Dynamic Logic’s recent study, mobile wins hands down, claiming that brands will gain more awareness and even purchase intent if they opt for mobile display advertising over online.

Presented at last week’s Advertising Week Mobile Media Summit, the study outlines why brands should be focusing their efforts on mobile display advertising, as well as stating that advertisers who repurpose online creative for mobile will fail at putting its message across to consumers.

The study looked at results the of 2,437 campaigns over the past three years and reports that because ads take up a good proportion of space on mobile screens, there is more brand awareness and positive impact on brand metrics. Mobile had a 19.9% increase in ad awareness as opposed to online, which had an average of 4.2% increase over the past three years.

The most successful mobile campaigns were found in low-involvement categories such as CPG, where the ads are geared at creating brand favorability and purchase intent. There was an average of 4.7% increase in purchase intent when it comes to mobile advertising whereas online sits at an average of 1.2%. With mobile, there was also a 12.1% increase in message association as opposed to online, which saw an increase of 2.2%.

In a press release, Alina Rana, senior vice president and head of Dynamic Logic’s Emerging Lab, warned advertisers of the fading novelty associated with mobile ads.

“Similar to other new advertising mediums, consumers were overwhelmingly receptive to mobile display advertising in its nascency but now that its novelty is wearing out, creative quality matters more than ever,” she said, adding that poor creative can have a negative impact on a brand, when three years ago the quality did not matter as much as it does today.

Mistakes made by mobile advertisers, such as cluttering the ad with text and logos, as well as showing the brand logo only through a product shot, were also pointed out in the study. It advised advertisers to place the brand name and logo on the left-side of the ad and to always have a strong call-to-action that encourages consumers to interact and engage.