Jordan Banks joins Global Facebook team

The social media co's Canadian managing director is expanding his role and will lead Facebook's global monetization efforts.

Facebook has announced Jordan Banks, who works as the managing director of Facebook Canada is also becoming the leader of the social media co’s global vertical strategy team, which is going live today.

As part of the new global vertical strategy team, Banks will develop and lead integrated vertical strategies and drive Facebook’s efforts to provide advertising options to brands worldwide, according to a release on his promotion. Banks, who joined Facebook Canada in 2010, will report to Carolyn Everson, VP of global marketing solutions at Facebook in the new role.

The global vertical strategy team will be run out of Toronto and will be responsible for developing specific strategies for business that comes under the global vertical such as consumer products, technology, automotive and travel. Members of the global team will be responsible for identifying market problems and finding solutions through the Facebook platform, from counselling on how to introduce a new product in that market to having the Facebook developer team create a new feature that addresses the issue.

In addition to Banks, the global vertical strategy team at Facebook also includes Canadian team member Steve Irvine in addition to employees from the company’s offices in New York and Menlo Park, California.

Facebook Canada has 19 million monthly active users and 14 million daily active users, according to numbers provided by the social media company. Globally, the company now has 1.5 billion monthly active users, according to a Facebook release.