TTC spreads Emirates’ wings

The U.A.E.-based airline has chosen to wrap its message around the newest line of TTC trains to create awareness around its extensive route network.
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Emirates Airlines is promoting its service to travelers wanting to “soak in the Far East” or visit any on a list of 149 destinations that are part of its route network by wrapping its message all around a TTC super train.

The U.A.E.-based airline company launched its campaign with Pattison Outdoor Advertising to familiarize jet-setting Torontonians with the international airline company.

Havas Media has led the media buy on the campaign, in which an entire TTC Super Train – six-cars with a length of 435 feet – is wrapped with Emirates’ messaging. Havas Media placed super- and standard-sized posters¬†inside the train above passenger seats on the vehicle, which runs on the Yonge-University-Spadina line. There is also signage on either side of the subway doors.

The campaign was developed to encourage travelers to fly on Emirates and also to make them aware of the airlines’ three weekly flights between between Toronto and Dubai on its Airbus A380, a high-capacity, double-deck airliner.

The TTC is the perfect place to get out a broad message, says Joe Donaldson, VP, marketing at Pattison Outdoor. “The amount of people that go through the TTC in a day, in a month, it is the best vehicle on which to put a campaign on. Emirates wanted people to understand that they didn’t just fly to Dubai, and they wanted to make a statement about it. There’s no better way of doing that that all-round branding to get the message out in a large way.”

The campaign creative can also be seen in posters on TTC stations as well as on a digital matrix wall in the PATH pedestrian walkway.

It was launched on Aug. 31, with posters popping up in stations on Sept. 7, and will run through the end of September.  

Photo Credit: Kris Brockman