What got Canadians’ attention in 2015

Justin Bieber made the most advances in his Instagram following while people focused on global events, the Blue Jays and the Canadian dollar in 2015.
Canada Blue Jays

If you want to look at what terms Canadians were using to search¬†and how successfully they used social channels in 2015, here’s a window into the biggest moments of the year on Yahoo Canada and Instagram.

The Blue Jays broke many a record in 2015, awakening a dormant passion for baseball among Canadians. And here’s yet another trophy to take home to the club house: the Blue Jays made it to number one on Yahoo Canada’s most top searches list for the year. Canadians cared most for sports, the economy and entertainment according to that list, which sees the weakened Canadian dollar coming in second place and the ever-enchanting Kardashians coming in third place.

Meanwhile Instagrammers were most active on special days focusing most on love for Valentine’s Day and inspiring fear on Halloween. Canadians also showed how much they love their moms by registering Mother’s Day as the third most Instagrammed day of 2015.

Despite it being a historic election year Canadians had their eyes positioned on global events in 2015, searching most for news about ISIS, the migrant crisis and the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Yahoo Canada. Elections Canada did come in fourth, however, just ahead of Prince William and Princess Kate’s royal baby. The list is proof positive that time heals and life moves on; last year Malaysian Airlines’s disappeared airline, MH370 and the Ottawa shootings dominated the news on Yahoo Canada.

The state of the economy continued to trouble Canadians and the Canadian dollar was the most searched in the finance category. Volkswagen falsifing reports about its cars’s emissions records was also highly searched. Jian Gomeshi did not make the list of most searched for top controversies and scandals – that honour went largely south of the border to other infamous sorts including the Duggar family, the Ashley Madison hack and the once-loved Bill Cosby.

No surprise about who dominated the most-searched list for sports. Yep, the Blue Jays, followed by the Pan Am Games and some scandalous stuff associated with Tom Brady. Last year the Blue Jays were nowhere on the horizon with Formula 1′s¬†Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident dominating the news.

Hurricanes (Joaquin and Danny) and blizzards dominated searches for weather.

And here’s a sign of the times. Boys (and possibly girls) don’t know how to tie a tie anymore, which is why that query was the most searched for response on Yahoo Canada. Also Canadians want to know how to lose weight.

Justin Trudeau may be prime minister but its Justin Bieber who’s raking in the followers on Instagram. The singer gained more than 27.9 million followers in 2015; the prime minister has 187,000. Drake didn’t do too badly either, adding 10 million to his following. The old-timers also made 2015 the year for them to debut on Instagram. Celine Dion led the pack, followed by millennials Marie Avgeropoulos and Jonathan Bernier.

Finally, Toronto dominated the list of most-Instagrammed locations this year but Niagara Falls still beat it to the number one spot. Other contenders? Rogers Centre and the Air Canada Centre.