Delissio serves up pizza FOMO

The brand baked live pies on Periscope to celebrate National Pizza Day as part of a strategy to push the social media envelope.

Did you know Tuesday was National Pizza Day? Apparently it was, and Delissio celebrated the occasion by sharing the delissioPeriscopesights and sounds of baking pies on Periscope.

From 12 p.m. until 7 p.m. the Nestle pizza brand, along with Maxus Canada and One Method, baked Delissio Rustico pizzas live on Periscope, promoting the event with promoted tweets before and during the activation using #pizzanight.

The company is the first CPG brand to work with Periscope to date in Canada.

Targeting women 25 to 34, the goal for the Periscope feed was to generate consumer engagement and build brand affinity, says Chaman Sandhu, client business lead, Maxus Canada. It’s part of a larger strategy for the brand to begin using social media in more innovative ways.

“The initiative was half-scripted and half-improvised, and was a test-and-learn situation for us,” says Heena Verma, marketing manager, Delissio. “We hadn’t done anything like this before, so we decided that we were going to take on the trend of live-streaming.”

Every hour during the feed the brand gave away either a month or a year of free pizza to Periscope viewers on the feed. Sandu says the brand likely cooked about 20 pizzas during the seven-hour feed, which at one point was trending globally.

In all, the feed had 4,000 total viewers and 185 video replays during its 24-hour life cycle on the platform.