Bell Media signs with Influicity

The deal makes Bell Media the first Canadian broadcaster with access to the influencer program.

Bell Media has added what Dave Caporicci, managing director of brand partnerships, calls a new pillar to its network of influencers by signing with Influicity.

Influicity says its platform indexes over a blllion social media users that it has identified as influencers, regardless of their network or affiliation. The deal will allow Bell Media to curate talent rosters from this listing based on advertisers’ needs and give access to Influicity’s searchability, project management, communication services and analytics tools.

The deal is the first between the influencer marketplace and campaign management platform and a Canadian broadcaster. Caporicci said that Bell Media realized the importance of influencer marketing campaigns to clients when it launched Much Digital Studios in 2015. That platform, which includes a network of YouTube stars, as well as social media influencers, has run between 30 and 40 brand campaigns to date.

After that launch, Caporicci said that the team realized that it had yet another stable of influencers in-house with its own personalities. The new partnership with Influicity will fill demographic and subject matter gaps between the Bell Media and Much Digital Studios personalities, he said. To date that has included sourcing influencers targeting kids, tweens, entrepreneurs and Quebec-based French influencers as well as others that specialize in gaming, travel, tech and lifestyle.


Image: Shutterstock