Former Rogers director joins the Globe to helm business products

Garth Thomas will steer the direction of the company's business suite, as the verticals become a dominant part of its growth plan.

Garth ThomasThe Globe and Mail has added a new managing director position for its business and financial products, and it’s brought on Garth Thomas to do the job.

Thomas, who previously served as senior director of business development at Rogers Media, will helm the development of Globe properties including the Report on Business magazine and sites such as Globe Investor. Phillip Crawley, publisher of The Globe and Mail, told MiC that Thomas will focus on both developing the editorial side, as well as the sales and marketing sides of the properties, leading new revenue initiatives and working to grow the properties’ reader bases.

He’s previously worked on building and expanding revenue for products such as (and its French counterpart, Today’s Parent and the Maclean’s University franchise.

Crawley said the appointment is part of the Globe‘s efforts to refine and develop its business products, which are proving to be a vital part of its growth plan going forward.

“It’s become more and more clear over the last few years that our business, financial and investment content is really at the heart of the growth, particularly on [the] subscription side,” he said.

And, he said, given the state of Canada today, it makes sense. “If you look at Canada, what are the biggest stories? They’re in trade and tariffs. And with next year being a federal election year, the economy and trade will become a dominant topic.”

Crawley also said that Thomas’ experience with media companies in times of transition will be a major asset, as the Globe moves forward in an era where print revenue is drastically declining and media companies are increasingly looking toward digital solutions. “One of the strengths he brings from Rogers is that he’s had a long time of dealing with some of their business and professional products, as well as magazines, that have all turned into digital-only products,” he said. “We’re interested in drawing on that experience.”

Thomas begins work at the Globe on Aug. 20.