Rogers climbs to the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

Hydro-Québec also took the first place position in Montreal.

The sudden seasonal change also saw a big shake-up in the Toronto radio advertising market.

According to the latest Media Monitors report, which covers ad buys between Sept. 3 and 9, most of the city’s top 10 were new to the buying charts, and last week’s top buyer, BMO, slipped down to #9.

Rogers took the #1 spot in the city, up from #3. Ford stayed put at #2. The rest of the top five were new entrants: WestJet, The Brick and Sail.

Also new to the city’s top 10 were Planet Fitness (#6), NicoDerm (#7) and Freedom Mobile (#10).

For categories, wireless carriers made the largest collective buy in Toronto, with 2,299 total spots purchased.

Montreal’s charts also saw significant change over the week. Last week’s first-place finisher, Bell Mobility was replaced by Hydro-Québec (up from #2), which was followed by new entrant NicoDerm.

Rounding out the top five were the Mitsubishi Dealers Association (up from #50), CTV (up from (#9) and Ford (staying put at #5). Also new to the city’s top 10 was the Infiniti Dealers Association (#8).

The top category buyer for Montreal was television and cable TV, purchasing a total of 573 spots.

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