Golf Town, Pelmorex partnership digs into data

The partnership aims to increase Golf Town's customer-base and ROI through the use of data on a traditional medium – flyers.
Golf image

Pelmorex Data Solutions has partnered with retailer Golf Town, tapping into data to zero in on potential customers and maximize ROI.

Using Pelmorex’s Location Insights multi-media planning tool, Golf Town is looking to identify golfers who are both current and potential customers, allowing the company to identify consumer blind spots and patterns that impact its marketing strategy.

According to Celeste Normington, head of data sales and product strategy at Pelmorex, this is new territory for the media and data company, best known for being the parent co of the Weather Network.

“Historically, Pelmorex has been a media sales company – we sell banners on the internet,” she tells MiC. “Going into 2018, our goal was to come to the table as partners of our clients and have a much more strategic conversation with them as to what their marketing challenges were and how we can use our own data set in addition to media to help solve [them].”

Normington says that the Golf Town partnership was intended to create more efficiencies when it came to direct mail. Golf Town has a customer database of more than two million and more than 50% customer identification at check-out, and were looking for insights into the segment of the market that golfed – but didn’t necessarily shop at Golf Town.

“Retailers today still swear by flyers,” she says, adding that while they usually coincide with sales lift, creating efficiencies and measurement strategies around the medium can be a challenge. “[Golf Town] leveraged the platform to identify…where golfers tend to live that weren’t already Golf Town consumers and hit those neighbourhoods with their flyers, creating a huge efficiency – they cut their distribution significantly but then saw double-digit sales growth immediately following that strategy,” Normington explains.