OLG stays on top: Media Monitors

Autos were the biggest category buy in both Toronto and Montreal, in time for the Toronto International Auto Show.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation stayed the course this past week, purchasing more than 1,500 radio advertising spots in the Toronto market. According to the Media Monitors chart for Feb. 11 to 17, OLG was the most prominent buyer of radio media space in Toronto.

It was followed by two new entrants to the Toronto radio ad market, BMW and Hyundai. Shoppers Drug Mart came in fourth, making a big jump from #84, and the Nissan Dealer Association rounded out the top-five.

Unsurprisingly, car and truck dealer associations represented the largest buying category in Toronto, with nearly 3,000 spots purchased (up from 734). The car and truck (Asian factory) category also made a big jump up to 2,560 (up from 64). Those big buys coincided with the Toronto International Auto Show, which launched Feb. 15.

In Montreal, CTV stayed on top with 460 spots purchased. Shopper’s Drug Mart entered the list at #2 with just over half of CTV’s buy (240).

Roundng out the top-five in Montreal were Educ’alcool, Sunwing and Volkswagen.

Although Montreal’s top advertising brands looked very different from Toronto’s, dealer associations were still the top buying category there as well. In total, 693 spots were purchased (up from 173).

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