KO Media brings Elle Decoration to Canada

The interior design publication will be sent to existing Elle Canada and Elle Quebec subscribers amid a spike in local interest for the category.

KO Média is preparing to launch the Canadian and Quebec versions of its Elle Decoration magazine as it goes after readers interested in interior decor, fashion, gastronomy and travel.

Said to already have been reaching more than 10 million readers worldwide, the interior design publication’s 2021 spring and fall print issues will be sent to both Elle Canada and Elle Quebec subscribers – totalling 2,193,000 copies. By publication, Elle Canada has a print subscription base of 1,701,000, whereas Elle Quebec has 492,000 subscribers, according to fall 2020 Vividata statistics. Elle Decoration will be bundled with the spring and fall issues of Elle Canada and Elle Quebec, as well as sold as a standalone issue on newsstands.

“Both Canadian editions [of Elle Decoration] will showcase inspirational interiors, offering its readers a wealth of creative ideas and design expertise to draw upon in transforming living spaces from tired to inspired. It will also feature hotspots for design lovers and foodies and bucket-list travel destinations,” says Sophie Banford, general manager at KO Média.

Banford adds that the world of design throughout Canada is “at its most vibrant right now,” as the company has seen demand across all of its platforms for home, design and lifestyle content due to Canadians spending more time at home as a result of the pandemic. There were periods throughout 2020 where the Canadian furnishing and decor sector saw triple digit ecommerce sales, as Canadians attended to those long put-off home projects and the DIY home renovation movement took full swing.

It appears as though the momentum from Canadians wanting to make their homes look nice has carried over to 2021 – especially amidst a second lockdown.

“We’ve never experienced such a need to feel comfortable in our home. We are looking for inspiration, ideas and advice to improve our living spaces, which have now also become our workspaces,” Banford says. “Of course, we are well aware that a lot of sources of inspiration exist, especially on the web, but we believe that we [can] never have too much inspiration sources.”

The ad pages have yet to be finalized, but the advertisers KO Média is approaching and working with for Elle Decoration strongly mirrors its readership’s interests – namely, brands from the luxury sector, furniture, appliance, travel and food brands.

Aside from publishing Elle Quebec and Elle CanadaKO Média also has beauty and lifestyle magazine Véro, cultural magazine di Stasio, and cooking publication K pour Katrine, in its portfolio. Elle Decoration adds “a new coast-to-coast touchpoint” for the company’s national advertisers, as it has 26 editions which reach more than seven regions.

The pandemic hasn’t been kind to the media industry, as the economic turmoil brought on by COVID-19 has forced brands to tighten their belts when it comes to their marketing budgets. For publications and news organizations, COVID-19 has resulted in budget cuts and layoffs. In October, Elle Canada shuttered its Toronto office and eliminated four full time jobs. Editorial operations were repatriated to Group KO’s head office in Montreal.