Governments move up in Toronto and Montreal: Media Monitors

McDonald's still maintains a strong radio push in both markets, but, categorically, QSRs dropped down.

McDonald’s maintained its spot as the top radio advertiser in Toronto last week, the Government of Quebec has stepped back up as the most active in Montreal, according to the latest data from Media Monitors.

Last week, McDonald’s led the pack significantly in Toronto with a play count of 2136; that dropped significantly to 1652 this week, just a few hundred ahead of the Ontario Ministry of Education, followed by Goodfood, Canadian Blood Services and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Despite McDonald’s strong push, categorically, QSRs fell behind both government and financial services ads in Toronto, amid ongoing public health messaging and the continuing tax and RRSP season.

With the provincial government taking the lead in Montreal, McDonald’s carried the second spot, followed by the Government of Canada, Casino Montreal, Toyota and Hyundai.

In Montreal, the QSR category sunk to fifth, with government leading radio spots followed by international automakers, which made a significant leap from 336 spots the week prior.

Local car dealer radio ads resurfaced in Montreal after a brief drop off the standings, coming in with 590 spots after 44 the week before.

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