Admix In-Play ads now verified by IAS

Measurement and verification give advertisers assurance of brand safety and effectiveness of mobile gaming campaigns.

The Admix In-Play advertising platform now has an ad inventory that is measured and verified thanks to a new partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS). Until now, Admix had been facilitating its own, homegrown measurement practices, but this integration with IAS makes Admix the only In-Play ad platform to offer inventory verified by an independent third party.

Admix connects mobile games with brands through an advanced, scalable In-Play platform that enables advertisers to programmatically target audiences with mobile ads and product placement. Inventory – which is available in Canada – includes over 300 mobile games and billions of hours of gameplay targeting 2.5 billion users globally. One of the brands working with IAS verification for in-game advertising is Mars, the multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products.

Fil Lourenco, VP of digital media at Havas Media Canada, says, “It’s great to see partners proactively seek out ways to improve the digital supply chain and partnering with IAS like this is great for agencies and brands. It is critical that media buyers are ensuring they are buying quality inventory and inventory measurement partnerships are good steps in the right direction. The digital space is cluttered and highly fragmented, so we need to find every edge to capture and keep attention and high-quality inventory is the first step.”

IAS also recently announced a partnership with AT&T’s ad tech provider, Xandr, to improve contextual targeting for the company’s self-serve programmatic platform, Invest DSP.