District M rebrands as Sharethrough

The merger made the new Sharethrough one of the top three global omnichannel independent ad exchanges.

Following District M’s merger with San Francisco-based exchange company Sharethrough – making it one of the top three global omnichannel independent ad exchanges for directness and scale, according to an external analysis by Jounce Media – the organization is rebranding and will be operating under the Sharethrough shingle going forward.

Last February’s announcement combined Sharethrough’s enhanced video and native products – access to over 40,000 website and mobile applications, as well as connections to all major DSPs – with District M’s publisher monetization tools, for formats such as standard display and rich media, as well as web and in-app display. The new organization would also benefit from District M’s Canadian publisher connections, including The Globe and Mail, Postmedia and La Presse.

Despite the merger and name change, District M – now Sharethrough – is still considered a Canadian company, and according to JF Cote, Sharethrough CEO, “both our product roadmap and company targets have been designed to keep generating growth and scale in Canada and in the U.S. Even if we now are one of the largest independent omnichannel ad exchanges in North America, there still remains room for growth.”

Cote says that roadmap will include products for in-stream and out-stream video ad performance, designed to improve user experience. He couldn’t provide details at the time of this interview, but hinted at more to come in the coming weeks.

“I am also very excited for what’s coming up for CTV,” he says. “The industry is moving fast and so are we. We are working hard to add more and more sources of quality CTV supply.”

Following the merger, Sharethrough now has twice the number of employees and offices, but Cote insists the company is “structured to continue to grow at scale, and we have opened new positions mostly in tech, product and sales.”

Cote adds that future footprint expansion is planned in Europe. “This will be achieved by developing the right products for our customers; allowing brands to maximize their campaign performance and publishers to increase their monetization capabilities.”