Reitmans adds diversity to its media mix

Connected TV, ethnic TV, radio, digital and social media add depth to the brand’s new campaign.

The latest campaign from Reitmans not only reflects the brand’s commitment to diversity by going beyond its years-long policy ensuring an inclusive size range of fashion and non-model models featured in its advertising, but it also incorporates a multi-layer channel approach on top of its traditional tactics in a more inclusive media strategy.

At the centre of “Diversity is the Fabric of Canada” is a 30-second spot running on ethnic broadcast TV, connected TV, paid social channels and online video. “Reitmans has two significant campaigns per year, and this campaign is on top of our regular paid campaigns,”  says Valérie Vedrines, VP of marketing for the brand. “The media mix is more diverse than before as we leveraged additional platforms to drive more reach on a larger scale.”

Vedrines says the spend is on the higher-end of previous campaigns due to its multi-layered approach that also includes communicating via in-store signage, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Chinese-based WeChat – known for its ability to connect with Chinese Canadians – and YouTube, in addition to running a Canada-wide contest. Reitmans will award 10 customers that are new to Canada with a wardrobe worth $1,000. Winners will be determined based on a short essay about what makes Canada a great place to live.

The campaign was created by Cossette and adapted to Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese by Ethnicity Matters, an agency Reitmans has worked with since 2018 to better understand ethnic consumers and the media channels that will reach them.

The campaign – which runs until Canada Day – features seven Canadian women of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and fields such as arts, sports, fashion, media and entertainment.