Corus puts Q107 morning show on hiatus following discrimination claims

Derringer in the Morning will be off the air pending an investigation and human rights complaint following Jennifer Valentyne's allegations of harassment and abuse.

Corus has put Derringer in the Morning, a show on Toronto radio station Q107, on hiatus pending the result of an external investigation into workplace conduct by its host, as well as a complaint that has been filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

This comes after former Q107 morning show personality Jennifer Valentyne alleged workplace harassment, verbal abuse and gender discrimination in the workplace in a video that was widely shared on social media earlier this week. While Valentyne did not name names in the video, it was later confirmed that she was referring to Q107, parent company Corus and former co-host John Derringer.

In a statement, Corus said it has been aware of Valentyne’s grievances that she voiced a few years ago and reviewed the situation at that time. New information it says it received in the past few days has prompted the station to retain Rachel Turnpenney from law firm Turnpenney Milne to initiate an external investigation, as well as keep Derringer in the Morning on hiatus until the investigation is completed.

“We have had mediated conversations with [Valentyne], been responsive to proceedings, and we are waiting determination of next steps,” said the statement, delivered by a company spokesperson. “We take these matters seriously and look forward to a resolution[...] Any concerns involving employee experience are of the utmost importance to us and we are committed to listen, learn, and take any appropriate action.”

In addition, Corus says it is aware of a process underway by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. While the exact contents of the complaint have not been shared, Valentyne told CBC that the complaint is against Corus, and Derringer is also named. Valentyne also does not intend to launch any legal action against Corus at this time.

Some former colleagues have come forward to back Valentyne’s claims, as well as add allegations of their own. Former co-host Maureen Holloway said she was subject to verbal attacks during her 15 years working on the show, while former reporter Jacqui Delaney claims she was berated by Derringer while working on the show in 2002.