Walmart Connect opens listings to third party platforms

Sponsored products can now be purchased and managed through adtech platforms that integrate with Criteo.
Walmart 1

Walmart Connect Canada – the company’s retail media arm for the market – is making its online ad inventory available to outside ad tech platforms for the first time.

Sponsored product listings on Walmart’s ecommerce platform were previously only available directly through Walmart Connect, and will continue to be for advertisers that wish to continue working in that way. But the new self-serve option gives advertisers another way to manage and optimize their campaigns through adtech platforms they may already be using.

As Walmart Connect’s is powered by the Criteo platform, the listings will be available to adtech partners that are integrated with Criteo, which include Skai, Pacvue, Perpetua, Tinuiti, Flywheel, Tradeswell, Marin Software, CommerceIQ and Intentwise.

Over 1,350 brands are listed on, which is visited by 1.5 million people daily in Canada.

After relaunching as Walmart Connect and accelerating its expansion plans last year, the company has “incredible growth” in net new advertisers, according to Dana Toering, VP of Walmart Connect Canada, and this new capability helps deliver on something it has promised to those brands.

“Whenever possible, we promise brands ‘media your way,’” Toering says. “So, in parallel with beefing up our omnichannel offering, leveraging this platform and the expertise of its ad-tech partners was the next step in giving advertisers what they need to succeed, in ways that work best for them.”