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Samsung chooses a little adventure on YouTube

The ‘Follow Your Instinct’ viral video series gives users a storyline with the power to choose using ‘annotations.’


Volt Media signs up Atlantic hospitals with PHSN

The two companies will work together in reaching health-conscious consumers where it counts.


LiveHive to power nanogaming for

The Canadian company’s interactive TV platform will vault the engagement factor for NBC’s online Olympics coverage this month.


Prostaid (kind of) leverages Travolta

With a cheeky allusion to Staying Alive, the org’s ads tell men over 40: Get your prostates checked.


Microsoft unveils DRIVEpm to Canada’s adverati

There’s a new ad network on the block. A big one.


Podcast ad standards get sorted

Podcasters now have advertising units to think about, and sponsors can count on more uniformity across the digital download universe.


Nike Golf powers Weather Network widgets

Golfers glean a new window into their game with desktop weather gizmos, as Nike continues to amp its digital sport enhancer cred.


Ford, Amp Energy target gamers with tours

The automaker and the energy drink get in the game this summer.


Notes from the mediascape: Washington Post partners with Predictify

The venerable newspaper’s latest move to engage its online readers gets them in on a new angle – the future.


Global takes 10 spots
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – July 7-13, 2008

Dancing beats singing. CTV is still dominating more than half of the national Top 30, but Global secured 10 spots and the Ceeb took three.


Canwest nets roll out integration opps for Johnson’s

Branded programming blocks, sponsor vignettes, and multi-channel exposure – this deal’s got it all.


Canadian manga publisher teams with global Asian network

Canada’s Udon Entertainment will produce a weekly digital manga and comic digest with Crunchyroll – one of the world’s largest destinations for Asian entertainment. And yes, there will be soup.


Groupe Force Radio to integrate web/radio sales

The company already sells ads for millions of radio listeners every week. Now, it’s going to add hundreds of millions of page views to its deals.

News unveils ‘smart ads’ on new site

Now you can serve up ad messaging that moves to the beat of whatever tune your target is groovin’ to, reports the social music platform.


Unlimited launches ‘Up the Ladder’

A new online video series is rolling out from Edmonton’s mag for young professionals, and the eps have a fitting sponsor.