Government returns to the top in Toronto: Media Monitors, July 11 to 17

The Government of Canada ranks first in Toronto's radio ad buy charts, while mattress retailer Dormez-vous stays on top in Montreal.

The Canadian government has returned to the #1 position on Toronto’s radio ad buy charts after a week at #3, reports Media Monitors in its July 11 to 17 edition. The government purchased 670 slots to become the #1 buyer, after previous #1 Bell Mobility dropped from the charts, along with previous #2 Pizza Pizza.

Taking the #2 spot in a move up from #5 is mattress retailer Sleep Country Canada, the English Canadian equivalent of Dormez-vous.

The Home Depot snagged #3 in a shift up from #4, and was replaced by Ontario Tourism, new to the charts with an ad buy of 590.

Montreal experienced very little change, with mattress retailer Dormez-vous remaining at #1 for a three-peat with a buy of 225 spots, and Volkswagen and the Government of Canada hanging strong at #2 and #3 respectively for the second consecutive week.

New to the Montreal charts is Bell Media’s MuchMusic at #6.