How Canadians are using smartphones during the Olympics

New data from IDC Canada shows that just less than half of smartphone users will use them to keep up with the Games.

International Data Corp. Canada (IDC) has released new data that offers a snapshot of how Canadians are using their smartphones during the Olympics. The firm conducted a short survey of 441 smartphone users on their devices during the period starting just after the Opening Ceremony began on Feb. 7 through to Feb. 9, and found that 89% of those surveyed said they planned to watch or keep up with the games, but less than half will use their smartphone.

Of the smartphone users watching or following the Olympics, 89% will use television, 60% will use a desktop or laptop computer, 49% will use their smartphone and 27% will use a tablet.

The survey shows that among those who will actually use their smartphones to keep up with the games, 78% plan to get quick event updates, 19% plan to use it to watch highlight packages, 14% plan to use it to watch live events, 11% (which is about 4.8% of all smartphone users surveyed) plan to use it as a second screen to get additional info while watching on TV or the internet.

IDC Canada also asked about the CBC Sochi Winter Olympics app, and found that over half of those surveyed intend to or have already downloaded that app. Of those surveyed, 9% say they have already downloaded the CBC app, 13% say they are aware of the CBC app and intend to download it, while 31% say they were not aware of the CBC app but now intend to download it. A release from CBC says its Olympic Games app has had over one million downloads since launching Jan 30.

A recent report from MTM shows that about two-thirds of anglophones in Canada now have smartphones.

Smartphone image via Shutterstock