iPhone the most popular second screen: Seevibes

Almost half of Canadian TV chatter on Twitter happens on the Apple devices, according to the Montreal-based social TV analytics firm.

A new study from Seevibes, a Montreal-based social TV analytics firm, shows that the iPhone is the most popular second screen when it comes to Canadian users tweeting about television.

Based on a December 2013 analysis of over eight million interactions, 43% of social TV Twitter interactions in the Canadian market came from iPhones, up from 41% in June 2013 and 36% in December 2012. Personal computers grabbed the next biggest share with 26%, then Android phones with 20%, tablets at 5.5% and then BlackBerry devices with just 3%.

While the iPhone remains the most popular second screen device across genres, viewers of news programming are more likely to use a personal computer as a second screen than viewers of other content categories, with 35% of social TV activity occurring on laptops or desktop computers, according to the study. News also attracts the most BlackBerry social TV activity, with a 17% share of smartphone usage, higher than any other genre.

Distribution by Devices - Dec 2013

Infographic provided by Seevibes.

Devices image via Shutterstock.