The Globe and Mail hires new head of sales

Robert Jenkyn takes on the new role of managing director of national advertising.

The Globe and Mail has hired Robert Jenkyn as its managing director of national advertising, a new role for the company.

Jenkyn joins the media company from his most recent role as head of creative solutions at Microsoft Advertising. Prior to that he worked at Media Experts as its SVP of digital solutions for nearly seven years.

Andrew Saunders, CRO at the Globe and Mail, tells MiC that Jenkyn will be responsible for the sales teams in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and the US across all platforms.

He says this role is an expansion of the director of national sales role that Andrea Fernandes held until April of this year before leaving to go to Jones Media because it includes the Globe‘s sales teams in Montreal, Vancouver and the US.

The hire helps to solidify what Saunders calls a “service oriented” philosophy for the Globe and Mail, noting the company is, like most media sales teams, moving away from focusing on its products and towards a model that is more audience-focused.

Jenkyn says he joined the team because he saw it as “a fantastic opportunity as they’re moving towards more holistic, audience-based selling.”

Earlier this week the Globe announced that its Globe Native program is expanding out of the beta phase it had been in since the spring, with clients now able to buy native advertising across all desktop and mobile pages for the paper aside from its homepage.