Becel butters up CBC viewers

The Unilever brand's new strategy to tantalize female viewers with TV-inspired baking ideas.

Ever fancy a treat of your own when characters on Corrie (that’s Coronation Street for non-hardcore fans) visit Roy’s Rolls on the show?

Becel is banking there’s a good many people that do.

Targeting women over 35 years-old who might be inspired to bake after watching their favourite TV programs, the Unilever brand is launching a new baking-themed campaign in partnership with the CBC.

The program, called “Baking with Kary,” has CBC personality Kary Osmond showcasing cookie combinations made with Becel’s cookie dough recipe. Recipes will be shown during one-minute vignettes of custom content early in the Coronation Street broadcast, followed by a 15-second reveal of the finished cookie later in the show.

The integration launches this Sunday morning during the CBC’s two-and-a-half hour block of Coronation Street, and repeats that evening during the Wonderful World of Disney. In addition, Osmond will appear in two episodes of the CBC’s Steven & Chris, baking Becel-themed recipes on the show with the hosts.

Gaye McDonald, director of content marketing, CBC and Radio-Canada Marketing Solutions, says the inspiration for the program, which stemmed from an RFP from Becel’s agency Mindshare, came from her own habits while watching Coronation Street.

“I think of the times when I, as a hardcore Coronation Street viewer, feel inspired to do some baking,” she says. “Like when [the characters] go to Roy’s Rolls and order a treat, that was our inspiration.”

In all, the program will run for eight weeks, with four sets of segments rolling out weekly for the next month, and then repeating once.