Not to be Missed: Defy Media’s expansion

Plus: Stingray's IPO, Vox Media's acquisition of ReCode, and other news that might have flown under your radar this week.

The media world is constantly moving, so there are bound to be things that fly under your radar. To make sure you’re up to speed, here’s some news you may have missed over the past week.


New Hires

Defy Media Announces two key hires in Toronto office 
Defy Media has brought on two new members to its sales team in Toronto. Nathan George, who comes with 10 years of media strategy and sales experience, is the new VP Sales, responsible for the UK and Canadian markets; Tom Falinski is the new senior national account executive.



Vox Media Aquired ReCoderecode
By picking up the online journalism outfit focused on tech, Vox Media continues to expand its digital portfolio, while ReCode can now take advantage of the media company’s much larger readership. Read more here.



Stingray IPO raises $140 million
With shares valued at $6.25 each, the Montreal-based specialty TV-music service raised capital through its initial public offering, and now has a total market value of $296 million. Read more here.



Awards: 2014 OOH Award Winners Announced by OMAC
UM, MediaCom and MediaVest were recipients of the OMAC 2014 OOH Awards for Labatt Breweries of Canada’s Corona Extra, Wrigley Canada’s Excel and Novartis’s Buckley campaigns, respectively.



Outdoor Ads Invite Prospective Students to Apply By Taking a Selfieselfies
Lamar Advertising Company has teamed up with John Casablanca’s Institute, a private fashion school to drive prospective students to their school. Commuters in Vancouver’s City Centre and Waterfront stations are invited to take selfies on mirrored billboards on station walls, and to upload them using the hashtag #JCISelfieCheck.



Art in Transit Celebrates City of Ottawa Public Art Program with Pilot Billboard Art ProjectOOH billboards
In collaboration with Pattison Outdoor Advertising and Art in Transit, the city’s Public Art Program has partnered with five artists to display their work of an imagined future on billboards in five locations across Ottawa for eight weeks.