Nearly half of English Canadians watch Netflix: MTM

That figure is up from 21% in 2012, according to a sneak peek of the research org's fall report.

Nearly half, or 48%, of Anglophone Canadians reported watching Netflix in the past month, up from  21% in 2012 and 41% in 2014.

That figure is part of a sneak peek of Media Technology Monitor’s (MTM) fall 2015 report, which polled 8,000 Canadians from Oct. 8 to Dec. 6.

Monthly Netflix viewership is slightly higher than the 45% of Canadians who report subscribing to an OTT service. Canadians with children under 18 are more likely (59%) to subscribe to an OTT service than those without them (39%).

The full MTM fall report will include data on how Canadian services CraveTV and Shomi compared with Netflix.

Unsurprisingly Gen Z-ers (aged 18 to 26) were the most likely to report binge watching in the past year, at 78%. That’s just over the number of Canadians aged 27 to 34 that reported binge watching, at 76%.

Those two groups over-index compared with the overall Canadian average of 55% that reported binge-watching television in the past year.

The main reasons reported by Canadians for bingeing is to: catch up (28%), bored (23%) and can’t wait for the next episode (16%).

Just over three-quarters (76%) of Canadians 27 to 34 reported that they have binge watched television in the past year.

Image (by Shardayy) courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons