Auto dominates in Toronto, electronics in Montreal: Media Monitors

Rather than retailers and electronics buying the most radio advertising in Toronto during Boxing Week, the week was dominated by auto dealership buys.

According to the most recent Media Monitors report, which covered Dec. 25 to 31, Rogers was the biggest radio ad buyer for Toronto. The telco¬†climbed to #1 from #6, outdoor apparel retailer Sail rose to #2 from #9 and McDonald’s rose to #3 from #22. The Mazda Dealer Association climbed to #4 from #11, and BMW entered the charts at #5.

The week before, computer and office supply chain climbed was at the top of the charts, rising from the #3 spot in the previous week.

Following Staples was Spence Diamonds, which held the #2 spot for the second week in a row, and OLG, which slid to #3 from #1. OLG Slots and Casinos directly followed the general OLG buy, holding the #4 spot for a second week. In #5 was the Acura Dealers Association, up one spot from the previous week.

Despite the prevalence of Boxing Week sales and events throughout the country, retailers weren’t a major player in radio advertising for the final week of December. The largest category buyer in Toronto was car and truck dealer associations, although it nearly halved its ad count from the previous week. The largest category buyer of advertisers that typically engage in Boxing Week campaigns was consumer electronics sales and services, which doubled its spots to 1,015 advertisements. However, this category was only the sixth-highest buyer.

In Montreal, CTV took the top spot (up from #21), while Shopico climbed to #2 from #4. Crave TV slid to #3 from #1, and Rogers climbed to #4 from #12. Dormez-Vous entered the list at #5.

The previous week saw a different Bell Media property, CraveTV, in the top spot (up from #10). Pharmaprix climbed one spot to #2, and Bureau en Gros made a bigger jump to #3 from #17. In #4 was Shopico, which fell two spots from the previous week, and rounding out the list was new entrant TSN.

Unlike in the Toronto market, consumer electronics sales and services did dominate as a category during Boxing Week — it was the highest-buying category, with 394 spots purchased (up from 287). Television and cable, wireless carriers and internet services were also major buyers.

Toronto, by advertiser (Dec. 26)

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Toronto, by advertiser (Jan. 2)

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Toronto, by category (Dec. 26)

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Toronto, by category (Jan. 2)

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Montreal, by advertiser (Dec. 26)

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Montreal, by advertiser (Jan. 2)

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Montreal, by category (Dec. 26)

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Montreal, by category (Jan. 2)

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