MAGNA and UM demystify the modern Twitch user

A new study shows that users not only have high purchasing power, they are receptive to advertising on the platform.

IPG Mediabrands’ media investment and intelligence company MAGNA and UM have delved into the rise of livestreaming with a study on Twitch users called Demystifying The Modern Twitch User.

Before March 2020, 83% of Twitch users signed on to the platform at least once a month. Since the start of the pandemic, users say they log into Twitch the same amount or more often. When life returns to “normal,” 84% of Twitch users are likely to continue using the service.

Twitch users are not limited to younger age groups, with 33% being parents and 50% are homeowners. They are employed (79%) and very tech savvy (52%). Looking at the household income of Twitch users shows that 27% have incomes of $100,000-plus compared; 43% report an income of between $50,000 to $99,000; and 30% have $50,000 or less.

Twitch users also have the power to make purchasing decisions on items such as cars (71%), financial services (75%), technology and video games (91%), QSRs (87%), clothing (91%), groceries (88%), and household essentials (83%).

“We include Twitch as part of our AVOD strategy for several reasons,” says Erica Kokiw, EVP of Digital for UM. “Twitch is a good option to reach audiences such as Millennials (40%) and Gen Z (46%), who have either cut the cable cord or never subscribed in the first place. In addition, Twitch offers advertisers a highly appealing consumer and also provides a connection to a diverse audience, with almost half of the Twitch audience in Canada identifying as non-white.”

Twitch users have high disposable income and purchasing power and are receptive to ads on the service, according to the report. They like and want to support the service’s content creators, a desire that extends to their receptiveness to advertising including creator read ads (54%), ads that offer a free service (52%), and ads personalized to their interests (48%).