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Telus backs a la carte, targets Shomi at CRTC hearing


The telco said vertically integrated carriers were using programming services to show undue preference for their distribution platforms.

Why Rogers told CRTC to keep the kid gloves on for US channels


“…I don’t want to lose these folks from the ecosystem,” Rogers’ SVP David Purdy told regulators during Thursday’s Let’s Talk TV hearing.

TV needs guidelines, not regulations, Shaw tells CRTC


Company executives stressed allowing market forces to decide on pick-and-pay and cable unbundling in its Let’s Talk TV presentation. (Shaw Media EVP of content Barb Williams pictured)

Rogers backs pick-pack cable packaging in CRTC hearings


The cable and mobile giant also opposed the end of simultaneous substitution. (Rogers Media president Keith Pelley pictured)

Corus to CRTC: more choice will ‘paralyze’ consumers


Corus took a largely anti-regulatory stance on Wednesday, arguing the broadcast system is working fine as-is, both from a revenue and customer satisfaction perspective. (Corus CEO and president John Cassaday pictured.)

Give indies a fair fight, Blue Ant urges CRTC


Raja Khanna, CEO of TV and digital at the company told the regulator seven of its eight channels would likely fold under pick-and-pay.

BCE calls for skinny basic, retaining sim sub at CRTC hearing


The telco’s execs, including Kevin Crull urged pick-and-pay to allow consumers to purchase any service not included in a skinny basic package.

GroupM urges CRTC to keep sim sub


Stuart Garvie’s Let’s Talk TV presentation focused on the negative impact of removing the practice, and on the need for greater measurement and access to STB data from broadcasters.

Ease regulations or risk failure: Quebecor to CRTC


Quebecor CEO Pierre Dion argued for a less-regulated Canadian broadcast system that can more nimbly compete with new foreign players.

Terse exchange between CRTC, Google sets stage for TV hearing


The CRTC’s Let’s Talk TV hearing opened with Google voicing its opposition to online regulation.