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CRTC yanks AVR radio licence


The broadcaster has lost its radio licence for all five Canadian cities in which it operated, opening up a new opportunity for reaching Aboriginal Canadians on the dial.

Digging into shifts in radio sales


Local ad sales are down and national sales are up in Toronto and Vancouver, MiC asks media directors about the impact, and whether or not the trend will continue.

Local ads down, national up for radio: CRTC


The pubcaster has released a report detailing the 2014 results of commercial radio stations.

HuffPost Live channel cleared by CRTC


The proposed channel would expand the HuffPo brand into the linear TV space.

Who’s up, who’s down: Specialty report


Subscription revenues rose in 2014 while national advertising dipped, according to the CRTC’s report on specialty channels.

ATN posts advertising boost


While overall revenue and subscription numbers dipped in the first quarter, the company saw gains in advertising.

CRTC vice-chair to industry: ‘stop protecting status quo’


That was Tom Pentefountas’ statement to gathered industry members at the Future of TV conference, as he talked simsub and set-top box data.

Satellite down, IPTV up: CRTC


IPTV subscribers jumped 29%, while satellite and cable subs dipped, for the year ended Aug. 31, 2014.

V Media gets CRTC okay for IPTV expansion


The IPTV service has been cleared by the CRTC to expand beyond Ontario, with plans to be up and running in the next quarter.

Ad revenue dipped for conventional TV in 2014: CRTC


Local TV stations lost 5% in local advertising and nearly 8% in national advertising last year, according to a new report from the regulator.