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CRTC vice-chair to industry: ‘stop protecting status quo’


That was Tom Pentefountas’ statement to gathered industry members at the Future of TV conference, as he talked simsub and set-top box data.

Satellite down, IPTV up: CRTC


IPTV subscribers jumped 29%, while satellite and cable subs dipped, for the year ended Aug. 31, 2014.

V Media gets CRTC okay for IPTV expansion


The IPTV service has been cleared by the CRTC to expand beyond Ontario, with plans to be up and running in the next quarter.

Ad revenue dipped for conventional TV in 2014: CRTC


Local TV stations lost 5% in local advertising and nearly 8% in national advertising last year, according to a new report from the regulator.

CRTC unveils three-year plan after Let’s Talk TV decisions


By 2017-18, the CRTC plans to be monitoring the pricing of unbunded cable TV packages being, and if the industry is offering a “small, affordable” skinny basic package.

Rogers Communications sees Q1 earnings fall


The media giant said more cable TV and phone subscribers headed to the exits due to the CRTC’s new contract cancellation notification policy.

CRTC to review Canadian digital economy


Let’s talk telco? The regulator has announced a new multi-year plan that will look into the services Canadians require to participate in the digital economy.

Kevin Crull leaving Bell Media

People Moves

The president is departing, effective immediately, following an editorial dispute over Let’s Talk TV coverage.

CRTC proposes new customer code for BDUs


The final decision from Let’s Talk TV is a draft code that would require TV services to provide customers with easy-to-understand agreements, among other stipulations.

BCE loses appeals court bid to retain mobile TV pricing


The Federal Court of Appeal in a March 23 decision said “Bell has not established that it will suffer irreparable harm” if the mobile TV service is banned until the case is heard.