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Corus stations switch from CBC to CTV


The CRTC has approved the request to switch the Ontario stations over to CTV programming from the CBC.

CRTC calls for Aboriginal radio stations in major centres


Aboriginal Voices Radio, which currently serves the markets, is appealing the revocation of its licences.

CRTC rolls out new HVOD category


The new hybrid VOD category encapsulates services offered both online (OTT) and via subscription-based linear VOD.

Vancouver’s fledgling radio entrant


Roundhouse Radio readies for a September launch, presenting opportunities to reach Vancouverites through its on-air and online presence.

More cord-cutting ahead but mass exodus unlikely: report


Cord-cutters will grow in number but not by an earth-shattering amount, according to an IDC report.

CRTC opens floor for comment on simsub penalties


The regulator is proposing that broadcasters and BDUs that make errors in executing simsub be penalized.

CRTC urges internet market competition


The regulator says increasing high-speed internet demand means large companies need to make fibre facilities available to competitors.

Opinion: CRTC clearly offside with Super Bowl decision


With the NFL’s involvement in the simsub debate, Judy Davey of the ACA argues why the regulator’s move sets the industry up for a loss.

Should CBC go ad-free?


A Senate committee has tabled a report recommending an examination into the costs and benefits of TV advertising on CBC/Radio-Canada.

Bell Media asks CRTC for specialty category changes


The media co is willing to forgo its must-carry status for eight channels in preparation for the upcoming Let’s Talk TV changes.