Rogers Hi-Speed remains at the top: Media Monitors, June 13-19, 2011

The internet provider ups its radio ad buy to remain on top in Toronto, while the Government of Canada stays put at #1 in Montreal.
Rogers Hi-Speed 2

Rogers Hi-Speed Internet remained at #1 in Toronto radio ad buys for the second week in a row, according to Media Monitors. The internet provider purchased 1, 275 spots, up from a previous buy of 1, 077.

The rest of the Toronto top three also remained unchanged, with the Government of Canada staying at #2, and Petro-Canada at #3.

Big shifts for the city included RBC Royal Bank entering the charts at #4 from a previous spot at #25, and Ontario Toyota Dealers coming in at #8 from #32.

In Montreal, the Government of Canada stayed at #1 with a purchase of 267 spots. Previous #2, mattress retailer Dormez-vous, was bumped to #3 after a big purchase from Sears of 246 spots propelled the department store from #32 to #2.

Also making moves on the Montreal airwaves was St. Hubert, which jumped from #36 to #6 on the charts.