3D billboards and street takeovers: MiC’s Global Tour

Debbie Drutz from Astral Out-of-Home and Joe Donaldson from Pattison Outdoor weigh in on OOH from Kraken, Disney and Schick.

On this trip around the world, the MiC Global Tour is taking you from the US to the UK and all the way to New Zealand for a look at some unique out-of-home executions, including a 3D billboard with a mythical monster, a street takeover that offers visitors a trip down 8-bit lane, and a gender-bending Valentine’s Day execution.

Here’s what Debbie Drutz, director of media, markets and innovation, Astral Out-of-Home and Joe Donaldson, VP marketing, Pattison Outdoor, had to say about these OOH campaigns.

US: Releasing the Kraken

Rum maker Kraken is channeling pop culture and the now infamous “Release the kraken” line from Clash of the Titans, and taking the OOH campaign for its Black Spiced Rum beyond the simple static image, with a 3D billboard in Chicago. The billboard features the mythical sea monster and has a protruding tentacle wrapped around a man who has been pulled right out of his window.

Drutz: 3D executions work really well when the 3D build conveys the essence of the campaign. The tentacle literally grabs a hold of a person, just like the drink will of its consumers. While there’s a lot to absorb visually, I enjoyed the way it engages with consumers through familiarity of the iconic sea monster legend. The 3D elements look so believable and are executed larger than life, in OOH.

Donaldson: The advertisement has very strong branding and no headline is required when you have imagery this strong. The use of an innovative 3D extension on the mural provides impact and a memorable consumer experience. By placing the ad in a high traffic entertainment area it speaks directly to the demo.

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UK: A trip down 8-bit Lane

Ahead of the Feb. 8 UK release of Wreck-it Ralph, Disney launched an OOH campaign that transformed London’s Brick Lane into 8-bit Lane. The execution features statues crafted in the style of classic videogames. The campaign also uses an augmented reality app, which allows passersby to animate a building-sized canvas on their mobile devices and play Fix-it Felix, the ’80s game on which the film is based.

Drutz: This campaign is creative, innovative and hyper-relevant while using technology specifically for this edgy, young and mobile audience. What a great idea to reinvent the surrounding landscape to connect with consumers on-the-go through gaming. It’s a very smart use of augmented reality to drive users to play the game in the OOH space.

Donaldson: The ad combines traditional OOH with new technology by using augmented reality with the use of apps. Disney has created an environment domination that places the audience within the ad. Anytime you can make your message relevant to the environment you know you’ve got a winner.

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NZ: Schick has a question for men

In advance of Valentine’s Day, Schick is urging men to consider how ladies view their scratchy scruff or bushy beards by asking them a very important question: Would you kiss you? The billboard ads feature images of women with beards, with the campaign tagline and a push to the brand’s Facebook page, where men can claim a free razor.

Drutz: What a humorous way to get a man to realize his own appearance. The integration on the poster for a free razor on Facebook connects the physical world with the digital world. [But] I found the actual creative quite dark for OOH, while the copy and logo may have been too small for the large space.

Donaldson: This ad is a great example of shock humour that is very attention-grabbing. Shock always works best when it’s subtle and elegant. The branding is very prevalent and the integration into social media with the use of Facebook allows the ad to be measured.

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