Vision7 Media’s new president on why he came to Canada

David Jowett, who joined the company from the UK, tells MiC what he is most excited about, and the biggest challenges ahead in his new role.

Yesterday Vision7 Media announced it has named David Jowett, who most recently worked at Aegis Media in London as its president of global clients, as the company’s new president, working with agencies including Cossette Media and Jungle Media.

MiC caught up with Jowett – who will primarily be based out of Toronto in the new role but will also work with the company’s other offices across Canada – to ask about his move from the UK, what he is looking forward to about his new role and what he expects to be most challenging.

Why did you decide to make the move to Vision7?

Jowett: There were many reasons, but I think one of the main things is there are times in life where you choose how much of a difference you want to make on a day-to-day basis. Working inside a 100,000 person organization, which I have done for much of my career has some incredible benefits to it, but of course moving very fast is more difficult for these organizations, and the media and communications landscape is moving really fast. The entrepreneurial culture in this business is something you don’t come [across] all that often and the desire to take advantage of the landscape and provide world class solutions for our clients, and be able to do that every day, is a pretty inspiring thought. We can be nimble when others can’t and I think in the world we live in that’s a real advantage. There are a 100 other things, but the chance to make a real difference to our clients on a daily basis was a big reason why I made the move to Vision7.

What was the most appealing thing to you about making the move to the Canadian market?

Jowett: When you come to any of the cities in Canada they feel really vibrant. Coming out of Europe, a lot of cities there don’t always feel that way now. The economic realities of Europe are brutally tough and it is so refreshing to come somewhere that feels like anything is possible. It is a very different cultural feel.

What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

Jowett: We have some amazing clients and some amazing people and to try and work out how we build the right things to help those clients win is going to be pretty exciting. We sit with the larger Vision7 group so we have access to amazing creativity, and to try to be able to leverage all of that will be an interesting jigsaw puzzle.

What do you anticipate being the most challenging part of the new job?

Jowett: I think that would be trying to understand the Canadian landscape really fast, because it has its own uniqueness. That culture has been built for hundreds of years and I have to learn it and be able to work with it, because it’s not going to happen the other way around.