Data Dive: Conservatives top TV spend

Over half of all election TV spots were attack ads, with the majority being the Conservatives denouncing Trudeau, according to an IPG Mediabrands report.

This Monday Canadians will head to the polls and close out 77 days of campaigning.

According to numbers from IPG Mediabrands, the Conservative Party of Canada bought the most TV ads of the major parties, with the Liberals and NDP falling second and third. Over half of all the TV spots were attack ads, with 61% of those negative ads coming from the Conservatives denouncing Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Twitter activity during the campaign has peaked around each debate, with the first MAC Debate in August grabbing the most attention on the platform. Each party leader has seen a bump in Twitter followers since the beginning of the campaign, with the Liberal’s Justin Trudeau getting the most: 77,000 new followers.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock