MediaCom welcomes back Jodi Peacock

Peacock shares what she's learned during her time away and how the industry's priorities have shifted.

Jodi Peacock headshot 2019Jodi Peacock has rejoined GroupM agency MediaCom, and will serve as SVP, business director in the Toronto office of the global media agency.

Peacock spent four years at the helm of MediaCom’s content division before leaving in 2017 to launch the Canadian outpost of the Media Kitchen where she served as managing director.

“MediaCom was my first agency,” Peacock tells MiC. “It feels a bit like home. But the two years spent launching and growing an agency brand in Canada brought some perspective on all the things I can leverage here at GroupM.”

Peacock, who kept a close relationship with the leadership team at MediaCom, including CEO Kevin Johnson, says a return was always in the cards, but “the role had to be right at the right time.”

With the Media Kitchen, the focus on measurable media and ad technology excited Peacock and now, at MediaCom, she’s looking to take those tools and capabilities to the next level. “Using data, knowing how [clients'] media plans tie back to their business results in a really measurable way… that’s always going to be at the forefront.”

Reporting to MediaCom COO, Urania Agas, Peacock will drive development and sustainability for media planning initiatives.

The new role gives Peacock the opportunity to expand her breadth of knowledge while maintaining client relationships with key accounts like Mars, which she worked with “extensively” during her first tenure. “They’re at a new phase of their growth and really looking to their agency to be able to give them attribution, more insight, more data driven communications planning,” she says.

Peacock too is in a new phase of her own growth, with a renewed sense of confidence in both herself and the people around her.

“Every role I’ve taken has been a new challenge, and everything I’ve learned in the past certainly feeds into it,” she says. “Seeing it from all sides because I’ve had a number of roles is really interesting at this stage of my career.”