KO Media to take ownership of Elle brands

Acquisition said to ‘diversify’ Montreal-based company’s offerings that include VÉRO, di Stasio, Édition Papier and K pour Katrine.

Following the February layoff of much of its staff, Elle Canada, along with Elle Québec, are moving to Montreal-based KO Média.

The deal, officially announced Monday, will see the French lifestyle brands operate under the parent company of numerous established women’s magazine publications like VÉRO, di Stasio, Édition Papier and K pour Katrine. KO is taking over the operating license from TVA Publications.

Elle is deeply rooted in both Quebec and Canadian culture,” Sophie Banford, publisher of magazines and associate at KO Média said in a statement to MiC, calling the publications a “star brand” across the globe and a “natural integration” for KO Média.

Elle Canada will also provide the advertising team, known for its brand-specific creative content solutions, with the opportunity to offer Canada-wide advertisers the option for national reach programs,” Banford added.

KO Média was approached by Elle global brand owner Lagardère, calling the acquisition an opportunity to diversify the company’s existing offerings “by offering an influential brand with strengths in luxury, fashion and beauty.”

In February, TVA VP of communications Veronique Mercier told MiC the company “had to reconfigure its internal structure” of Elle, but that the publications would continue to operate.

Elle Canada will remain in Toronto, but move to a new office, with plans to expand the team including the newly-created role of director of creation for both brands. Elle Québec has been operating in Montreal for the last three decades.