Hershey goes fully cinematic to promote new ASMR film

It's a Requiem for a Peanut Butter Cup: Hershey's unique new film is getting the Hollywood treatment with its media plan.

If you’ve seen the “trailer” for the new film Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese, you might think it’s a joke, a 15-second ad spot whose exaggerated crinkle and crunch sounds and aura of sensory overload are meant to parody a much darker movie like Requiem for a Dream.

But it’s much more than a 15-second ad spot. Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese is indeed a real movie, and it’s (probably) not as dark as Requiem for a Dream. The movie is set to drop on Bell Media SVOD Crave this coming Sunday (June 9) and will stream exclusively on the platform for just over a week before arriving on YouTube June 17.

For those gearing up to watch the movie, they can expect a 90-minute ASMR experience centered around the Hershey-owned chocolate product. For those unfamiliar with ASMR, it’s short for autonomous sensory meridian response, or the feeling you get when a low-key tingle suddenly overtakes you – better known as low-grade euphoria, or simply “the chills.”

The concept of ASMR is as old as the study of physiology itself, but in the last decade, ASMR-triggering video content has swept the internet. Videos of everything from the sound of hair being cut to foam blocks being crushed have developed obsessive followings across YouTube and Instagram. While ASMR is multi-sensory (some of the more tactile popular subgenres in ASMR videos include soap carving and playing with floral foam), much of the content, including the Reese movie, focuses largely on sound.

And since Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese is indeed a real movie, it’s getting the Hollywood treatment with its media plan.

With a plan created by IPG shop UM, launched officially on May 13 with the teaser trailer, as well as transit shelter ads featuring the film’s poster.

From there, social ads on Facebook and Instagram were rolled out, as well as promoted YouTube preroll.

Besides the transit shelter ads, the OOH aspect will also involve a cinema buy. Cineplex began airing the 15-second trailer in theatres earlier this month.

The next phase will see a first for Bell Media, and perhaps an unconventional pairing. Because the day of the movie’s premiere coincides with the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale on Bell specialty net Bravo, Reese will be taking over all commercial breaks during the premiere, which is the first time in Bell Media’s history a single brand has taken over every commercial break of an entire program.

A Hershey spokesperson told MiC it paired with the premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is dark and dramatic in contrast, because it “has a definite cult following,” and the ritualistic weekly gathering to watch the show pairs well with the “ritual” messaging it’s incorporating into this campaign. Additionally, the spokesperson said, the fact that the program airs in the evening – prime candy consuming time – is an added bonus.

Additionally, a digital campaign will include homepage takeovers on IMDB, YouTube, Rotten Tomatoes and Spotify.

Following the Crave premiere, the last phase of the campaign will include TV commercials, billboards, online videos and social content tied around the “Reese Ritual” theme. Creative for the campaign was spearheaded by Anomaly.

This represents the first time Crave has distributed a movie produced by a brand within the platform. The movie will be promoted on Crave’s main interface, the same way a user would see the latest movie release or a TV show.