The veterans

Shows that have been on the air for more than five years (and in many cases, close to 20) dominated the airwaves this year amidst a sea of new.

When it came down to it this year, most of the top shows were the tried and tested IP. Shows that have been on the air since before 2014 were dominant on the charts, with old favourites like NCIS holding up just as well as newer players like New Amsterdam.

One of the longest-running of the bunch was also one of the highest-ranked shows of the fall. Unscripted juggernaut Survivor was the top of the “veterans” at 1.94 million viewers. Having run since at least one MiC staffer was in elementary school, its AMA has diminished only slightly over this time last year (2.04 million viewers). Overall, it was the fourth-highest-rated show of the fall.

That was followed very closely, however, by Grey’s Anatomy, at an average of 1.93 million viewers. Grey’s managed to improve upon its AMA from this time last year, possibly aided by a slightly shifted time slot.

NCIS also found itself in the top-five most weeks, averaging 1.75 million viewers for the fall so far. It diminished slightly from its 1.9 million viewers last fall, but still ranked as the sixth-highest show for AMA, improving on its spot from last fall. However, its spin-offs in Los Angeles in New Orleans did not perform as well as the original, with New Orleans barely even cracking the Top 30 most weeks.

Blue Bloods also remained strong at 1.63 million average viewers. In procedural town, Hawaii Five-0 pulled strong audiences for Friday nights at 1.36 million. For veteran shows on the CBC, Murdoch Mysteries was more modest than American super-hits, but at an AMA of 964,000 for the fall, was Canada’s top-viewed original scripted program for AMA. However, in another bit of homegrown pride, the Canadian institution of Hockey Night in Canada was one of the most-viewed programs of the year, as per usual. Across Sportsnet, CBC and Citytv, the program averaged 1.9 million viewers for the fall viewing period.


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