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Pizza Hut2

Pizza Hut introduces five new flavours

The Yum! Brands QSR is introducing flavours like cheesy beef poutine and smokey maple bacon with a TV-heavy campaign featuring a tough hockey granny.

Zinger Double Down2

KFC turns up the heat

The Yum! Brands restaurant is reintroducing the Zinger Double Down sandwich with a campaign that channels summer action blockbusters.

KFC Bucket List

KFC crosses off consumers’ bucket lists

The Yum! Restaurants brand has launched the “KFC Bucket List” contest, giving consumers the chance to have once in a lifetime experiences.


Spotted! Pizza Hut draws for fans

The QSR celebrated its latest Facebook milestone with a live drawing execution.


Pizza Hut goes to the dogs

The Yum! Brands chain is bringing Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza to Canada with a TV-centric campaign.


Yum! appoints new CMO

David Vivenes is promoted to the role, which handles KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.