Dairy Farmers target gym-goers

Giant-sized headphones with QR codes were used to communicate the benefits of chocolate milk in DFC's recent OOH execution.
Astral DFC

According to the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), chocolate milk is an essential post-workout drink.

That’s the message the organization chose to communicate to pedestrians in Ontario and the Maritimes with the use of installations that had transit shelters dressed in oversized headphones.

The installations, planned by M2 Universal and created by Due North Communications, were placed on two Astral shelters in Toronto and on one CBS shelter in Halifax, John Pace, account director, Due North Communications, tells MiC.

They were strategically placed in close proximity to fitness centres, he says, and contain a QR code that, when scanned, will allow users to stream free music for their workout. Before listening to the music, the user must download the DFC’s Recharge Radio app, created by Twist Image, in partnership with Siruis XM, says Pace.

Having ended mid-May, the organization plans to enter the market again with another set of high-impact installations in July, says Pace, adding that the execution is targeting 18- to 34-year-olds, skewing male, with a bull’s eye target of men age 29.

This is an extension of the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s TV, print and OOH marketing for chocolate milk that began in March of this year, he adds, saying that ads in fitness centres, using the Zoom and Newad networks, will remain until the end of the year.