ICYMI: Dynamic awarded for Danone campaign, Bell gets gifty with Crave

In case you missed it: Dynamic's use of weather and traffic data has earned it a DailyDOOH Gala award, Bell Media is giving away gift packages for CraveTV and Videotron has partnered with Napster and Tidal.
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Dynamic takes home DailyDOOH award

Outdoor ad company Dynamic Outdoor has been recognized for its outdoor campaign for DanActive Yogurt at the annual DailyDOOH Gala Awards, taking home the award for “Most Innovative Use of Technology.” The campaign, which was a collaborative effort between Dynamic, Carat Montreal and Y&R Montreal, used data such as traffic congestion, weather and sports scores to time the scheduling and the creative of their digital billboards.

Postmedia wins 2016 Google Channel sales award

Postmedia has been named the winner of the 2016 North American Google Channel Award in the Strategic Account Growth category. The media company grew its client account roster by 454% year-over-year. The award is given to Google advertising partners for growth in revenue from the Google AdWords program. Postmedia recently added video and shopping specializations in order to be designated in all five of Google’s search categories (which also includes web, news and images).

Laura Henderson moving to BuzzFeed

Laura Henderson is moving from Mondelez to BuzzFeed. According to an article in Ad Age, Henderson is moving from her post as global head of content and media monetization to become SVP of marketing at BuzzFeed. Henderson started her career in Toronto, working as a senior brand manager at Mondelez before joining the global team.

CraveTV available for gifting

Bell Media’s streamer CraveTV has been made available in time for the holiday season. The gifts are available in three month ($23.97), six month ($47.94) and one-year ($79.90) subscriptions. The packages come on the heels of Shaw and Rogers closing its streamer, shomi, at the end of November.

Unlimited Music brings Napster and Tidal on board

Quebecor-owned Videotron has added music streamers Napster and Tidal to its Unlimited Music program. The program allows users to stream music on popular subscription apps without using up any of their data plan. Other apps available for the program include Apple Music, Radio Tunes, Band Camp, Slacker and more. According to Bertrand Hébert, VP of marketing at Videotron, the services added were among the most-requested on social media. Napster, which was infamous for its start as a channel for (usually illegal) peer-to-peer file sharing, has since transformed into a subscription service, having been purchased Rhapsody in 2011. Rhapsody (now rebranded as Napster) last cited its figures at 3.5 million paid subscribers globally just prior to the rebrand. Its user base is just shy of the significantly younger Tidal, which boasted three million paid subscribers in May.

Fuse Marketing adds Anastasia Tubanos to content strategy team

Journalist-turned-strategist Anastasia Tubanos has joined the team at Fuse Marketing to add support to the company’s new Fuse Live offering. Tubanos, who previously worked as a reporter and producer for the CBC, the Globe and Mail, CP24 and other outlets before embarking on a career as a community manager and digital strategist, will now lead Fuse’s content strategy efforts, specializing in the field of what it calls “brand journalism.” Digital content has become vital for Fuse’s strategy, realigning its agency to use data and analytics to help clients tell multifaceted branded stories.