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Citytv grabs Canadian format rights to Secret Millionaire franchise

The network will also air the third season of the series in simulcast with its premiere on ABC in the US later this year.


Canada’s Got Talent brings top numbers for Citytv

The Sunday night reality show debut brought in an average of 1.5 million viewers to the channel.


Rogers integrates for Canada’s Got Talent

The media co launches its most extensive cross-platform campaign yet in support of the new reality talent show.


Community back on Thursday night

The show returns to the Citytv lineup in mid-March, shuffling shows on the Rogers Media channel.


Cadbury Dairy Milk shares the chocolate love

The Kraft brand enlists its recently created Joy Department to talk up its new flavours in two TV spots targeting women.


Canada’s Got Talent picks up five more

Rogers Media releases details around the final sponsors for its new reality show, including Walt Disney Canada and RIM.


MiC’s Global Tour: TV show promotion

Katie Atkinson of Aegis Media gives her thoughts on the latest roundup of international executions, which includes promotions of The Walking Dead in Norway and Mad Men in the US.


Canada’s Got Talent to air in March

The reality format will air in 22 episodes through to May 14.


Citytv picks up Katie

The Rogers Media channel will air Katie Couric’s new daytime talk show this fall.


The Bachelor comes to Canada

Rogers Media is bringing the US hit north this fall with an all-Canadian version of the show.


Citytv Revolution-izes its afternoon sked

Carol Cummings from Media Experts comments on the changing face of daytime TV as Citytv picks up ABC talk show The Revolution.


Citytv takes over with Alcatraz

The Rogers Media-owned network launches a multi-platform campaign for the new drama series.


Citytv signs affiliate agreement with SCN in Saskatchewan

Ad opps are available for Citytv programming, which will air on the province’s educational broadcaster from 3 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. daily.


Citytv launches Social Stream app

The app is launching with sponsor GM during the Citytv New Year’s Bash.


Rogers unveils mid-season lineup

New shows Alcatraz and Work It headline the January launches on Citytv and OMNI.