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ICYMI: Two Ottawa papers merge, Bell Media rebrands MMVAs

In case you missed it: The Hill Times and Embassy have merged in Ottawa, Rogers has expanded its new low-income internet option and the MMVAs have a new name.


MMVAs bring in over one million on Much and CTV

The Bell Media show has reported its final numbers for the broadcast, which aired on both channels for the first time.


MMVAs sponsorship spots sold out ahead of Sunday’s show

New on the sponsorship list for this year are Bud Light Lime-A-Rita, Scotiabank and Samsung.


Bell Media’s MMVA strategy

By simulcasting the 25th edition of the annual award show on CTV, the media co hopes to ultimately drive viewers back to Much.


MuchMusic gives out social rewards

The channel has posted results from the first month of its MuchCloser program that rewards viewers for visiting its site.