L’Oreal gets social with eTalk

While it normally integrates around red carpet season, the beauty brand is using social influencers for a more casual approach.

L’Oréal Paris has officially kicked off a month-long performance with eTalk.

The promotion will see three social media influencers join the eTalk team to report on the latest beauty, fashion and fitness trends, incorporating L’Oréal Paris into the show’s narrative.

Makeup artist Christine Cho, as well as fashion, beauty and lifestyle expert Liv Judd and beauty blogger Marta Tryshak will deliver segments while integrating the L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference hair colour refresh.

According to Devyn Perry, group strategy director at Wavemaker, the target audience is women age 30-plus who are starting to grey. The main objective for the integration is to create awareness for the product and drive consideration.

Perry said that, typically, L’Oréal is more engaged around the red carpet and award season, but decided to work outside of that with the group of social influencers.

Custom, pre-produced branded openings and segments will appear on eTalk‘s broadcast, as well as on its social pages. Laird White, director of brand partnerships with Bell Media, said promoting the influencer segments on social media takes the collaboration “one step further.”