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Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival kicks off with new sponsors

The multicultural festival is coming back for its 45th year with new sponsors including Pizza Pizza, Chevrolet and El Dorado Rum.


The Source connects at the top: Media Monitors, June 11 to 17, 2012

The electronics store made the largest radio purchase in Toronto, while the Gouvernement du Quebec came in at #1 in Montreal.


Pizza Pizza serves up andPOP

Screens in the QSR’s stores will now stream the distributor’s programming along with advertising from its sponsors.

Media Monitors image

Sears makes a move to the top: Media Monitors, May 7 to 13, 2012

The retailer landed in the #1 spot in Toronto, while Ford Dealer Association made its debut with the largest radio purchase in Montreal.


Guidestones serves a slice of Pizza Pizza branding

The web-series has incorporated the QSR into its storyline, along with brands such as Karbon Clothing and the Toronto Blue Jays.


Chevrolet Dealers continue to buy big: Media Monitors, Feb. 20 to 26, 2012

The auto association tops the radio charts in Toronto, with Brault & Martineau making the largest purchase in Montreal.


Chevrolet Dealers top radio charts: Media Monitors, Feb 13 to 19, 2012

The auto association nabbed the top spot in Toronto and the Gouvernement du Quebec made a considerable purchase in Montreal.


Rogers Wireless makes another big purchase: Media Monitors, Feb. 6 to 12, 2012

The telco bought the most radio time in Toronto, with TSN making a significant move to the top in Montreal.


AToMiC: Guidestones targets online and mobile users, and brands

The interactive Canadian web series has worked with brands including Samsung, Pizza Pizza and Rogers Communications.


Pizza Pizza continues to dominate the radio chart: Media Monitors, Jan. 23 to 29

Not budging from the top spot, the QSR made the largest purchase in Toronto, with the Ford Dealer Association also going big in Montreal.


Pizza Pizza debuts at the top: Media Monitors, Jan. 16 to 22

The QSR enters the radio chart at #1 in Toronto, with AlarmForce making the biggest purchase in Montreal.


Sears Canada buys big to reach the top: Media Monitors, Dec. 5 to 11

The retailer beats big spends from Bell Mobility and Pizza Pizza to reach the top in Toronto and Montreal.


Sears continues to buy big: Media Monitors, Nov. 21 to 27

The retailer tops the radio charts in Toronto, with a new number one buyer making waves in Montreal.