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Canadians consume more digital (and block more ads) than most: study

GroupM’s annual Interaction report found that digital media is taking up more of Canadians’ time, but the country is also above-average in ad-blocker penetration.

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Live TV is still king: study

While time spent on SVOD and OTT platforms has doubled since 2013, 82% of television minutes watched still come from appointment-style viewing.


Canadians wary spenders: study

Sixty-five percent of Canadians believe now is not a good time to be spending money, according to a recent release from Nielsen.


CBC study: Ad-free pubcaster would be bad public policy

CBC/Radio Canada’s Nordicity Group study says ending its dependence on TV ad dollars would produce a net financial impact of $533 million for the Canadian TV business.


Mobile marketing tough with moms: study

The Spider Marketing Solutions study says over half of Canadian moms surveyed are closed off to mobile marketing.