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Audience Network gets a boost


Facebook has introduced two successful formats to expand ad options within its mobile-app monetization platform.

Social media chatter drives purchasing: report


Marketing intelligence firm Mintel has released a report that highlights the impact of social media interactions on users’ purchases.

Facebook adds live video streaming to its celeb-centric app


Facebook looks to tighten ties between fans and public figures on its service with new live-video functionality.

Second screeners are also content creators


Over half of English Canadians have participated in some form of second-screen interaction, according to new numbers from MTM.

Why direct mail breaks through the noise


A new study says the ritual and physicality of direct mail could make it more impactful than digital marketing.

Challengers rise to YouTube’s game


Facebook is one of several companies investing in the development of video ad models to lure content creators and brands into their space.

Facebook changes meaning of a click


The company has updated its definition of cost-per-click, and will be optimizing the site to serve ads to those likely to interact with the ads.

ICYMI: Facebook draws on Snapchat


In case you missed it: Facebook adds features to build its teen audience; new hires at Mode Media and m/SIX.

Blog: 2D storytelling is so 2014


Ryan Van Dongen, director of connection and innovation is live from Cannes, explaining the big deal about SnapChat and Facebook’s short-term plans for 360 video.

ICYMI: Facebook’s election plans, people moves


In case you missed it: Facebook and CTV have partnered on exclusive content leading up to the October federal election and RadiumOne has a new director of sales.